Sustainable printing: B2B print & digital marketing

Learn how Park published the first, comprehensive book on sustainable printing, to widespread acclaim across the print & design industries.

By Paul Tomlinson, Published 18.08.2023
  • Print & digital content, inc. 80pp book
  • Commercial distribution via retailers & libraries
  • PR launch involving 2 industry publications
  • International campaign, with Belgian parent company

If you really want to own the conversation in your industry, you ought to have written the book – and certainly if you happen to be a printer.

Having collaborated with Park communications Ltd. since 2019, the company’s content program has made waves in the industry. That included scooping the Printweek Award for Environmental Company of the Year 2022 in recognition of its successes in educating the wider industry about sustainable printing.

But onward and upward…

Sustainable Print Design was a year-long project, assembling information from paper suppliers and other print industry collaborators to produce the first, comprehensive guide to sustainable printing.

The project was a collaborative exercise with magCulture, a leading print industry publisher, and designer Jason Foster of Somerhill Studio.

Engaging creative & corporate personas

This tricky brief needed to convey extensive technical data about the material composition and recycling recommendations for a full range of printing materials.

At the same time, it needed to engage audiences ranging from indie publishers, to the design teams at banks and corporates who make up a large proportion of Park’s customer base.

Information design elements included a 4pp-throwout ‘Paper Finder Tool’ guiding the reader through 50 recycled and creative stocks that are widely used in the UK – covering price, composition, reprographic properties and more. This tool was repurposed as a poster, as pictured.

information design print

Multichannel launch across print & web

As well earning a PR exclusive on Design WeekSustainable Print Design is now being sold by magCulture, Magalleria Bath, is being stocked in at least one library, and has also been purchased by multiple course leaders at design schools across the UK.

Aside from the print launch, the book is also available free as a PDF download, and is being promoted via an ongoing digital content campaign, producing a sustained lift in digital lead generation.

Download sustainable print design at



Case studies

  • SaaS Insuretech


    Navigate B2B was engaged by Synergy Financial Products Ltd. (SFPL), a well-established fintech firm. SFPL already sells effectively to big banks, but was finding its “big business” personality less effective in an emerging market of trendy, consumer-facing fintech startups.

  • Print Manufacturer


    Park approached Navigate B2B in 2019 in search of a new buiness marketing function. The company was a leading supplier in the market, but a new approach was needed in order to add new leads to the top of the funnel and accellerate the pipeline.

  • Loyalty Martech


    When we first met in October 2017, Currency Alliance was a startup with big ambitions: to work with every major loyalty brand worldwide.

  • Digital Agency


    Having spent over 10 years in the B2B agenies top 100, they’re now ascending the lead table thanks to a mixture of acquisitions, investments and key client wins.

  • Recruitment startup


    Chapter 2 is a recruitment marketing agency that helps in-house recruitment teams reduce their dependence on recruitment agencies.

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