• Navigate B2B helps us show authority in target industries - a real advantage when you’re working towards a pitch.

    Oliver Green, Managing Partner, Tangent
  • I've become regarded as an industry authority much faster than I expected.

    Leo Harrison, Founder, Chapter 2
  • We’re the most talked about company in the industry.

    Chuck Ehredt, CEO, Currency Alliance
  • Navigate B2B nailed our brand positioning. Prospects know what we're about before we meet.

    Matt Oldham, CEO, OPAL Group
  • Our new site is head and shoulders above our competitors'. Enquiries picked up within weeks of launch.

    Alison Branch, Managing Director, Park
  • Navigate B2B made a measurable contribution to lead gen and meetings booked.

    Robert Green, Diretor of Sales & Marketing, OLIVER
  • Navigate elevated our site content to the smart, businesslike English that Western technology buyers expect.

    Frederick Smith, Commercial Director, Fram

Restoring Trust in B2B Content

Navigate B2B colloborates with businesses to produce content that senior people actually want to read.
A Raconteur study showed that only only 6% of C-Suite execs thought that ‘subject matter experts in consultancies and vendors have an important contribution to make to thinking and knowledge in my industry or profession.’

This is because the standard of B2B content is generally so poor – a shame, when you consider that businesses usually have intricate knowledge of their clients’ industries.

Navigate B2B translates your expertise into effective marketing and advertising.

With journalistic editorial standards, high-quality media production, and digital marketing know-how, we meet your customers on their own terms, build a reputation for quality into your brand.

Paul Tomlinson

Managing Director & B2B Consultant

Paul Tomlison is a B2B marketer with varied background including business development, marketing strategy and creative copywriting. He previously worked at Powa Technologies, the UK’s first tech unicorn, and then joined the new business team at OLIVER to spearhead promotion of the in-house agency offering. Combining creative marketing expertise with first-hand experience of enterprise-level sales, Paul specialises in collaborating with business leaders to build bespoke marketing strategies around their commercial objectives.

Jody Tideswell

Copywriter & Marketing Manager

Jody Tideswell is a copywriter and marketer who specialises in writing B2B website and blog content, with a particular interests in the print industry and third sector marketing. She also specialises in managing brand social media accounts across multiple platforms. She has previously worked as a blog writer, and managed social media for an independent news outlet before working with Navigate B2B.

Craig Goult

Design & Technology Consultant

Craig is Managing Director of Co:Lab, a web & branding agency with a portfolio across technology, services & consumer businesses. Co:Lab collaborates with Navigate B2B on web development, artwork & animation projects. Craig is also a blockchain & crypto expert with a specialism in art NFTs.

Tom Ritchie

Multimedia Journalist

Tom Ritchie is an indepenent multimedia journalist with four years experience in B2B publishing. Previously multimedia editor at Changeboard/Future Talent Group, Tom launched the Future Talent Podcast, a series featuring interviews with senior business leaders and thinkers, and was a regular contributor to a print magazine read by over 4,000 HR executives. Tom now works with Navigate B2B and other companies to elevate their content publishing through rich media, podcasts and virtual events.


Broadsheet-quality journalism and rich media, pitched directly at your buyer’s interests.

Earn a reputation as a leading source of useful, trusted insights in your target industries.

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