Major marketing trends hinge on composable architecture

For the major marketing trends to be fulfilled, brands will first need to modernise their tech stacks in order to make better use of data.

By Paul Tomlinson, Published 14.09.2023
composable architecture marketing ebook

Trends, by definition, generate a huge amount of discussion, and are subject to a lot of experimentation by businesses.

In marketing, trends such as…

  • marketing personalisation
  • direct to consumer (DTC)
  • sustainability
  • customer loyalty
  • extended reality (XR) and the metaverse
  • artificial intelligence

…all hold great promise, but the truth is that they are all in experiemental phases – and will remain so until brands modernise the software they use to manage data and run marketing initiatives.

That, in short, means migrating towards composable technical architecture.

As this new ebook from Navigate B2B sets out, you can’t talk credibly about the near-future of marketing without understanding the underlying technology – and the implications this has for the usage of data.

Download the book here, or scroll down to learn more about how this book provides useful information for both technical and non-technical professionals.

For non-technical professionals

You will likely be accustomed to hearing terms such as ‘composable’, ‘MACH’, ‘API-first’ and so on, but you may not necessarily understand why they are important for achieving your strategic objectives.

I have provided a short explanation of composability below (and for greater detail you could browse the resources published by the MACH Alliance).

The purpose of this article, though, is not to get bogged down in semantics. The purpose is to explain why you can’t talk credibly about the near-future of marketing without understanding the underlying technology, and the implications this has for the usage of data.

For technical readers

If you’re battling for digital transformation, either in your own businesses or a client’s, you may appreciate having this insight to share with marketing and businesspeople in your network.

Also, I have often found that most technical professionals specialise in one area of the technology stack, or in one industry. So if you’re a customer experience or data specialist (for instance), you may still find interesting the sections on loyalty or sustainability – and so on.


My personal goal for this ebook is that it will ease collaboration between technical and non-technical professionals, by improving mutual understanding.

As a marketer who’s spent most of his career in software (and recently co-founded a composable startup), I hope that I can help to bridge the gap between disciplines, in a way that people from both sides find helpful.

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