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"I've become regarded as an industry authority much faster than I expected."

Leo Harrison, Founder, Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Marketing, Podcast & Webinars

Chapter 2 is a recruitment marketing agency that helps in-house recruitment teams reduce their dependence on recruitment agencies.

They needed to make a splash on in-house recruitment scene, at a budget appropriate for a pre-revenue business.

Navigate B2B’s tailored, out-of-the-box, startup marketing strategy delivered journalism, webinars and podcasts that generated leads from talent professionals at Fortune 500 businesses.

This was delivered as part of a full-service marketing & creative partnership: refining the Chapter 2 propositon, managing advertising, social media and virtual events, and measurement and reporting to refine and optimise our approach.

Navigate B2B quickly translated our proposition into a thought-leadership program which has struck a chord not only with our targets, but even our competitors. I asked for rapid lead generation and got it. As a relative newcomer to recruitment, I’ve become regarded as an indsutry authority much faster than I expected.

Leo Harrison, Founder
Chapter 2

Webinar: the Chapter 2 Talent Debate

We produced and hosted a debate programme with experts in recruitment and marketing.

As well as driving 20+ sales-qualified leads on the day, we captured the footage for use as high quality video advertising which continued to drive social media engagement and growth for months after the event.

The Talent-Ed podcast

TO establish Chapter 2 as a thought leader in the recruitment space, we launched the Talent-Ed Podcast: a series of interviews with recognised recruitment marketing practioners.

Chapter 2 Content

Talent-Ed | Podcast for Chapter 2

Talent-Ed | Podcast for Chapter 2

Read the full story on the Chapter 2 blog. Who holds the power: candidates or employers?  In this episode, Leo speaks to Corey Archard, head of talent acquisition at global...

Talent Surplus | Content for Chapter 2

Talent Surplus | Content for Chapter 2

Employers: get ready for the talent surplus This is an excerpt. Read the full story on Chapter 2. Fixating on the ‘talent shortage’ has always been unhelpful. Rising unemployment may...

Live Webinar | Chapter 2 Talent Debate

Live Webinar | Chapter 2 Talent Debate

20+ sales-qualified leads +30% LinkedIn following in 1 month Webinars are an in-vogue lead generation tool: capturing large numbers of leads through events signups, for relatively little effort. However, the...

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