Our new site is head and shoulders above our competitors’. Enquiries picked up within weeks of launch.

Alison Branch, Managing Director, Park

Case Study


4+ year partnership
+67% lead generation YoY
25+ ranking SEO terms
1 industry award for the client

Park approached Navigate B2B in 2019 in search of a new buiness marketing function. The company was a leading supplier in the market, but a new approach was needed in order to add new leads to the top of the funnel and accellerate the pipeline.

Navigate B2B introduced a full-service digital marketing function to Park. The partnership began with a rebuild of the Park website, with development services provided by Co:Lab. The brief was to showcase photography of the printer’s class-leading product, whilst building personalized experiences for customers in many different industries.

Since then, the partnership has focused on publishing high-ranking SEO content that anticipates the needs of print buyers.

In partnership with Navigate B2B, Park Communications Ltd. more than doubled inbound its lead generation during 2020 – despite the pandemic, during which the company landed several prestigious new clients.

Today, the partnership continues to produce ongoing, marketing-led growth, with demonstrable YoY increases in sales generated by marketing.

In 2022, the company’s content program was recognised by PrintWeek Awards when it won the prestigious ‘Environmental Company of the Year’ award, in part for publishing extensive educational material about sustainable printing.

Navigate continues to work today as Park’s marketing & creative agency, providing content, copywriting, advertising, digital strategy and more.

Navigate B2B tailored a marketing strategy to our business goals, and quickly began to generate leads and drive growth across all our channels. Our new website is head and shoulders above our competitors’. It’s proven popular with colleagues, clients, and prospects, and inbound enquiries picked up within weeks of launch.

Alison Branch, Managing Director, Park


Audience segmentation on homepage

Landing pages auto-update with new relevant case studies

Case studies showcase the artwork and immediately show key facts about the project

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