Powa designed and sold tech for retail (until it entered administration in Feburary 2016).

I joined in May 2015 with a remit to design, implement and lead both B2B and B2C strategies across EMEA and the US.

B2C Site

PowaTag was a complicated product, and brands were often disinclined to use their own webspace for explanations and tutorials.

I led the creation of a new, consumer-facing site as an alternative solution, and also to use as a hosting domain for campaign landing pages.

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Blog Content

Powa came to fame just the likes of Apple were making mobile payments reality. I conceived a content strategy to get the Powa brand under the nose of brand-side marketers and CTOs, and convince them to deploy the PowaTag mobile payments app instead.

This often entailed involving third-party contributors to boost exposure, as I did for this piece.

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