Loyalty martech: venture-backed startup, to profitable business

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"We’re the most talked about company in the industry."

Chuck Ehredt, CEO, Currency Alliance


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Currency Alliance: investment-backed SaaS, to profitable business

When we first met in October 2017, Currency Alliance was a startup with big ambitions: to work with every major loyalty brand worldwide.

At that stage, the business was entirely dependent on sales agents for nurturing prospects and lead generation. Navigate began collaborating with Currency Alliance’s CEO, Chuck Ehredt, to distil the company’s rich industry knowledge into compelling thought leadership and rich media.

After our first year of collaboration, the client reported:

“Navigate immediately understood our the marketing challenges and proposed adjustments quickly paid dividends. Our lead generation has more than doubled. We look forward to working with Navigate well into the future.”

Chuck Ehredt, CEO, Currency Alliance



Incentivizing emotional loyalty: Currency Alliance speaks to WiiN
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Whitepaper for Currency Alliance

Whitepaper for Currency Alliance

There was a mix of good and bad, for loyalty in 2019. Much of the bad has derived from a lack of belief or understanding from CEOs, who constrain budgets,...

Loyalty Personalisation | for Currency Alliance

Loyalty Personalisation | for Currency Alliance

Loyalty programs once enabled relatively personalized marketing. From a standing start of zero customer data some 20 years ago, brands became able to incentivize desired behaviors in highly-predictable customer segments....

Loyalty Infographics | for Currency Alliance

Loyalty Infographics | for Currency Alliance

Some people talk about loyalty coalitions as if they’re a single concept. In fact, there have been two distinct iterations of the loyalty coalition model – and a third, game-changing alternative is...


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