Live Webinar | Chapter 2 Talent Debate

20+ sales-qualified leads
+30% LinkedIn following in 1 month

Webinars are an in-vogue lead generation tool: capturing large numbers of leads through events signups, for relatively little effort.

However, the majority are low-energy and poorly produced. In the crowded talent acquisition market – and with virtual events surging during the Covid-19 pandemic – we needed to make sure Chapter 2’s webinar was cut above the rest.

We positioned Chapter 2’s webinar as a Newsnight-style debate, and worked closely with the panellists before the event to understand their expertise and play to their strengths.

To derive lasting value from the exercise, we captured high-resolution footage of all the panellists, which was then used to produce social media assets which continued to drive brand engagement for months after the event.

Run your own webinar with Navigate B2B

  • Superior editorial standards: incisive debate around the difficult questions in your industry
  • Compére at your service: ensure fast-pasted, stimulating discussion with an experienced journalist in the interviewer’s chair
  • Post production and content creation: get lasting value from your event by capturing the footage for social distribution
  • Marketing & administration: run your webinar as part of a full-service marketing strategy and get a clear view of your ROI.