My associates at Catalyst Partnerships were engaged by Synergy Financial Products Ltd. (SFPL), a well-established fintech firm.

SFPL already sells effectively to big banks, but was finding its “big business” personality less effective in an emerging market of trendy, consumer-facing fintech startups.

Brand Guidelines

I was brought in as copywriter on a brand positioning piece for a new SFPL product in the insuretech space, called OpalIS.

The brief was to brand the product as the “slightly wiser, slightly less-cool older brother of a Shoreditch fintech entrepreneur”.

I wrote the positioning document and tone-of-voice, whilst Catalyst Partnerships handled design elements.

2018-05-03 11_43_36-Opal IS Brand Guidelines 2018.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Key Messaging Pack

I conceived these ads to be used as an appendix to the brand guidelines.

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