Creative Agency: Marketing a Different Agency Model

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"Navigate B2B made a measurable contribution to lead gen and meetings booked."

Robert Green,
Diretor of Sales & Marketing, OLIVER

OLIVER: Marketing a Different Agency Model

Most agencies target marketing managers in order to stay in the running for RFIs.

OLIVER is different. They install and operate full-service, on-site agencies. This requires a significant financial investment, internal structural changes, as well as a great deal of trust.

This means their target buyer is more likely to be a CMO or CEO. Navigate repositioned OLIVER content to appeal to this hard-to-reach, time-poor audience, achieving a marked increase in measurable lead generation.

Navigate repositioned OLIVER content for C-suite sales, making a measurable contribution to lead gen and meetings booked. They blend business sense with creativity, and their content often came up in our conversations with clients and prospects.

Robert Green
Sales & Marketing Director, OLIVER

OLIVER Content

Content written for OLIVER included a research & whitepaper campaign, conducted in collaboration with two third-party businesses. Navigate provided creative direction, project management and copyediting, and planned the marketing rollout.

In two months the white paper was downloaded 1700 times, generating over 20 SQLs.

Whitepaper for OLIVER

Whitepaper for OLIVER

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