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This is an excerpt of an article which held position #2 in Google search for ‘financial services marketing’ for over a year.

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Here at OLIVER, we sit up and take note when a brand deploys an innovative marketing approach to tackling their most pressing business problems.

In the financial services sector, these are:

  • content creation: distilling complicated products and services into bite-size chunks for today’s easily-distracted audiences
  • the personal touch: winning audiences’ trust in high-value decisions
  • customer retention: giving fickle Gen Z-era consumers genuine reasons for loyalty.

So based on these three criteria, we’ve thrown together a list of financial services content marketing campaigns that we think merit a little round of applause.

Kabbage: Help Your Customer Grow

There’s nothing revolutionary about the way that Kabbage does content marketing; it’s just done really well.

Where you’d normally expect to see “Blog” at the top of the site, you see the “Resources” tab. It’s a goldmine of useful information for small and medium size enterprises – some based on Kabbage’s core business of lending and finance, but others which are simply useful and interesting to their target audience. “How to be More Productive at Work” and “How to Choose a POS System” are just two examples.

Neatly categorised, attractively presented and regularly updated, this website has reasons aplenty for people at small businesses to keep coming back to read, research and download.

This audience might have no intention of applying for a loan – but if they ever did, Kabbage would be at the forefront of their minds.


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Cybercrime | Written for OLIVER

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In 2017, big tech contracts will be won and lost on cybersecurity.

This is because the repeated instance of high-profile cyberattacks is being now taken increasingly seriously by brands.

PwC found that 53% of people across all sectors say they’ve become more fearful of cybercrime over the past two years, compared to 48% in 2014.


And when cyberattacks take place, heads roll.

JPMorgan reassigned their CSO Jim Cummings following a data breach off the back of a social campaign. Target fired its CIO and CEO after their own scandal in 2013.

This represents a big opportunity for B2B tech marketers.

Steve Morgan, founder and Editor-In-Chief at Cybersecurity Ventures, offers this tip on selling to a CSO / CISO / CIO:

skip straight the pain”. 

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