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Inside Ideas Group: Brand Launch

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The move to launch of Inside Ideas Group, a holding brand shared by Dare, Adjust Your Set, Aylesworth Fleming and OLIVER, was jointly masterminded by Milan Semelak, the Group’s Chief Disruption Officer, and Simon Martin, OLIVER founder & CEO.

Here they are with the reasons behind the rebrand, and what it means for the Group and its agencies…


Agencies rebrand all the time. Why should clients/prospective clients care?

Milan: “Because it represents an entire new dimension to what clients can expect from an agency.

When I meet prospective clients they always ask if the model is about saving time and costs.

And of course it is, partly, but cheap and fast isn’t unique.

What’s unique is having eyes and ears inside the world’s biggest brands, and knowing what they’re going to do next.

It’s about the boardroom creative. It’s about answering campaign briefs with new product propositions. It’s business-transforming.”


“The key emphasis for me is that it’s a totally unique proposition – and on that merit, our business will scale and grow because no other business can deliver the same kind of performance and results and change.

The Inside Ideas brand stakes our claim on that space.”

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